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Medicare Explained Simply While most people count on Medicare for their health care coverage at age 65 and over, the reality is that this program can be somewhat confusing in terms of what is – and isn’t covered – and under which “part” of Medicare different items and services fall. A recent study by Fidelity.. More

If you’re one of the thousands of Baby Boomers who are turning age 65 this year (or you are already age 65 or over), you may be looking at your healthcare options through Medicare, and considering a United Healthcare Medicare Supplement. With Medicare Part A and Part B – which is also referred to as.. More

CVS announced today that it has agreed to purchase Aetna for 69 Billion dollars. This would be the largest insurance deal in US History.  There are still many questions that linger, leaving many skeptical of whether this would be a good thing for consumers, or possibly a hard pill to swallow. When Will CVS Take.. More

While Social Security provided their largest raise to beneficiaries in six years, some speculate nearly 70% of seniors will not see it. Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment for the upcoming year will be 2%, however those who have been protected by “hold-harmless” will see significant premium inflation. “Hold-harmless” has protected those enrolled in both Social Security.. More

CMS today announced the 2018 updated Medicare premiums and deductibles for Medicare Parts A & B. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospitalization, skilled nursing, and in some instances home health care. Medicare Part B covers doctors, outpatient hospital, some home health care, as well as durable medical. Consequently most people do not have to pay.. More