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Medicare Made Simple 2018 | Medicare Supplements Explained During this 28 Minute Video Workshop, Randy covers the following topics: What is Medigap (Medicare Supplements)? What Do Medicare Supplements Cover? Who Are Medicare Supplements For? How Much Do Medicare Supplements Cost? Where Can I Compare Medicare Supplement Companies? When Do I Enroll In A Medicare Supplement?.. More

Medicare Drug Plan Explained Medicare Drug Plans are not as complicated as they seem. If you know the answers to these questions, selecting a Medicare Drug Plan will be a simple process. To assist you, we have simplified the process of searching across the web for each answer. The answers to most of your questions.. More

Learn the basic difference between Medicare vs Medicaid and how to compare Medicare plans for Part D prescription coverage, supplement insurance, and Medicare Advantage. Medicare vs Medicaid Medicare… Is health insurance for individuals that qualify for Social Security Benefits because of age (65 and older), disability, or kidney failure (also called ESRD – End Stage.. More

If you’re one of the thousands of Baby Boomers who are turning age 65 this year (or you are already age 65 or over), you may be looking at your healthcare options through Medicare, and considering a UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Supplement. With Medicare Part A and Part B – which is also referred to as Original.. More

CVS announced today that it has agreed to purchase Aetna for 69 Billion dollars. This would be the largest insurance deal in US History.  There are still many questions that linger, leaving many skeptical of whether this would be a good thing for consumers, or possibly a hard pill to swallow. When Will CVS Take.. More