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Aetna Medicare | 2021 Plans, Information, & Benefits

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If you’ve signed up for Medicare, but are unsatisfied with the amount of coverage you received, combining Aetna with Medicare might be a great fit.  An Aetna Medicare supplement plan (Medigap) or Aetna Medicare Advantage plan may be the optimal solution to lowering your overall cost, and increasing your benefits. Since delivering their first Medicare claim in 1966, Aetna has grown to serve over 43 million customers nationwide.

Aetna Medicare Plans 2021

Aetna is a company known for its stability, excellent customer service, and short processing times. With an A.M. Best rating of ‘A’, Aetna has been offering Medicare policyholders a diverse range of coverage options for over 160 years. Depending on your state of residence, Aetna Medicare Supplement plans may also be known as Continental Life, American Continental, or Aetna Health and Life.

This Medigap coverage offers Medicare customers an additional policy to cover the costs of deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, and hospice care. Those who are already enrolled in Medicare part A and B are eligible to sign up for Medicare Supplement policies through many insurance providers. There are a total of 10 supplement plan policies to choose from for 2019. However, not all policies are available in every state.

What’s Included in an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare Supplement Plans cover the costs of different gaps left by basic Medicare insurance. Each plan has something unique to offer. However, they’re all composed of the same elements. The following elements are included in all of Aetna’s Medigap plans: Aetna Medicare Supplemental
• 30 day free test period
• Unchangeable rates for one year
• Renewal guaranteed
• Ability to choose your doctor or medical practitioner
• Portable coverage
• Fitness program discounts
• Discounts for families and households

Supplement plans cover coinsurance or copayments on Medicare part A and B. These plans can also help cover your part A and B deductibles entirely. Medicare Supplement Plan G & Medicare Supplement Plan F also cover part B excess charges as well.

An Aetna Medicare Supplement plan will pick up some of the remaining 20% or so of cost once Medicare has paid their portion, which is generally around 80%. The Aetna Supplement plan will only leave you with certain out-of-pocket costs, like the Part B deductible and small co-payments for Plan N, for example.

Skilled Nursing facility care is also available through most plans, with either partial or total coverage. Long-Term care however is not. Foreign travel emergency expenses may also be covered up to 80%, but are subject to a deductible. Policyholders are also covered for the first three pints of blood.

It is important to note that Medicare Supplement plans do not include prescription drug coverage, however Aetna offers those as well.  Aetna Rx plans will be insured by SilverScript starting in 2020 due to the CVS Aetna merger.  A Part D drug plan, is a good choice to combine with a Medigap plan.  There are two SilverScript Part D plans available to choose from as well.  the SilverScript Choice (PDP) and the SilverScript Choice Plus (PDP) are the options in 2020, and depending on what medications you may take, one may be a better fit over the other.  To learn more, and see if your medications are in the formulary, you can view their drug coverage list.

Overview of Available Plans from Aetna

When considering an Aetna Medicare Supplement plan, you have several options.  Aenta offers plans A, B, F, G, and N. Plans F, G, and N are available in most states with Aetna supplemental insurance plan G being the most popular. Depending on your budget and the amount of coverage you desire, each plan offers different options. The following list briefly describes an overview of each plan.

Aetna Medicare SupplementPlan A – This is the most affordable of all supplement plans. This covers Medicare part A and part B hospital coinsurance or copayments, as well as part A hospice care coinsurance.

Plan B – This plan covers the full deductible of Medicare plan A in addition to the coverage from supplement plan A.

Plan F – This is the most comprehensive option and provides full coverage of all deductibles and copayments. It includes all coverage from plan C, as well as Medicare part B excess charges.

Plan G – Plan G is similar to plan F, but does not cover part B deductibles. Often times the annual premium is much lower than the F plan, and makes it a good choice.

Plan N – With Plan N, you have the same benefits as Plan B, however does cover skilled nursing facility (Plan B does not), and you would have co-pays after you meet your Part B deductible instead of having a 20% coinsurance.

All of the above plans include a one-year guarantee on premiums. Your policy is also guaranteed to be renewable, and you’re free to choose your own doctor. Policyholders may be entitled to fitness or household discounts.

The Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021

Before choosing a Medicare supplement plan, it’s important to consider your current medical situation. Any changes within the past year may be motivation to switch plans and reanalyze your insurance options. However, some plans still tend to be more popular than others. Three Aetna Medicare Supplement plans in particular offer outstanding coverage for 2021.

Medicare Supplement Plan F – This is the only plan that covers every additional expense. It offers full coverage for deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, hospice care, and nursing facilities. Although this is the most inclusive plan, it’s also the most expensive. Often, policyholders benefit more from a similar plan by sacrificing one of the coverage options.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F rates tend to increase between 6% – 10% each year.  Starting January 1st of 2020, if you do not have Medigap Plan F already, you will not be able to enroll into an F Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan G – For those who want value for their money, Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G may be the best alternative to plan F. Plan G covers almost all costs of plan F, with the exception of your part B deductible. It’s the cost-efficient choice for those with extensive medical needs. It’s also the only other plan to cover part B excess charges.

This is one of Aetna’s most valued plans due to their highly competitive rates. Rate increases are a moderate 0% – 6% per year, and many states have even experienced decreases.

Medicare Supplement Plan N – This is a popular choice for those looking for low premiums with a solid level of coverage. The premium is lower than Plan G, however you do have a co-pay at doctor after you meet the Part B deductible. Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N rates are also relatively stable at 0% – 6% per year.

Aetna Medicare Plan G Coverage Still a Great Choice for 2021

What Aetna Covers with Plan G, far outweighs what it doesn’t cover. For example. If you have plan G and are hospitalized for 15 days, you would have zero out-of-pocket cost. After your hospital stay, lets say you had to have an outpatient surgery and then one week of rehab. After you meet your Part B deductible, which is $185, you would have zero out-of-pocket cost for any of that as well.

So what are some Aetna Plan G Medicare Supplement rate examples?

If you are a female, age 65 living in Columbia, South Carolina you would pay $96.29 per month for Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G. Keep in mind, you would also want to pick up a Part D prescription drug plan. The national average for Part D is $32.74, so out the door monthly cost would be around $130. There are many other Part D plans with a premium less than this, however this gives you a good ballpark on cost.

Another example is if you are a male, age 70 living in Dallas, Texas. You would pay $129.20 per month for Aetna Medicare Plan G. With a stand along Part D plan, you would be paying a total of around $162 per month. Even at this rate, when you think about just how much Medicare Supplement Plan G covers, it is still an incredible value.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Reviews

Aetna Medicare Supplement Reviews 2021The feedback we get from our clients regarding Aetna is very positive. Aetna’s customer service is very solid, as is their agent/broker service. In addition to the great service, having the freedom to choose your doctor is a big plus. As with all Medicare supplement plans, as long as your doctor accepts Medicare, they will accept any Aetna Medigap plan. From a price stand point, Aetna Medicare Supplement rates have been competitive across the country, especially with Aetna Medicare Supplement plan N.

2021 Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans | Looking Ahead

As mentioned above, Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N has been very competitive across the country. We have noticed Plan N rates with Aetna actually decreasing around the country in certain states. At the 2018 National Medicare Supplement conference members of Aetna leadership indicated that they were striving to be competitive, especially with Plan N.

With Medicare Supplement Plan F no longer being offered in 2020, many people will be choosing primarily between Plan G vs Plan N. Some states do not allow excess charges, which makes Aetna supplemental insurance plan N very attractive in those states.

UPDATE: In recent months, Aetna has been very aggressive marketing their Medicare Supplement Plan N. Other companies have been improving Medigap Plan N rates as well, such as UnitedHealthcare® with their own Plan N.  Throughout the country, the Aetna N Plan has been extremely competitive with its rate. Other Aetna Medigap plans have also seen premiums maintain a strong competitive edge. As we get close to the end of 2020, Aetna has slashed their Medicare supplement Plan F rates. The company has also continued to keep premiums low with a very strong Medicare supplement Plan G product.

Aetna Medicare Advantage

With an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, the Aetna actually administers your benefits for you instead of Medicare. Therefore, whenever you go to the doctor, you only would need to show your Aetna Medicare Advantage card instead of having to also show your traditional red, white and blue Medicare card as well.

There is a common misconception that a Medicare Advantage plan takes away your Medicare Part A and Part B, and that is not true. In order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan, you must have Medicare part A and Medicare part B. However, as stated before, it does administer your benefits.

So what does this actually mean?

Great question.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan 2021Since a Medicare Advantage plan administers your benefits for you, they have networks. Basically a Medicare Advantage plans interacts with handling claims with your doctors and other providers.  Traditional Medicare pays the Medicare Advantage company a fee to do this, which frees up time for Medicare.  To use a football analogy, a Medicare Advantage plan acts like a quarterback, with Medicare as the coach.  Depending on the type of Medicare advantage plan you have, the networks may be broad or narrow. For example, with a Medicare advantage HMO plan, you would be limited to only using the doctors approved by the Medicare advantage company.

On the other hand, with an Aetna Medicare advantage PPO plan, you have the ability to go in or out of network, but generally when you go out of network, you would pay a higher copay at that provider.

One of the most popular Medicare advantage plans offered by Aetna is a PPO plan. This type of Aetna Medicare Advantage plan will give you more flexibility on choosing doctors.

Depending on where you live, some Aetna Medicare Advantage plans may have a small premium, or perhaps no premium at all.  When a Medicare Advantage plan has a $0 premium, the are basically just taking the fee Medicare pays them to administer your benefits, and not charging any more premium to the member.  This is why there are some zero premium Medicare Advantage plans, but you will never see a Medicare Supplement with a zero premium.

Aetna also has some products which are specially designed for individuals who have both Medicare and Medicaid.  These are called Medicare Advantage Dual Special Needs plans (DSNP).  These plans are only offered in certain counties around the country, but can be a great option if you have both Medicare and Medicaid.

Aetna Medicare Find a Doctor

aetna medigap

Aetna Medicare | Additional Coverage Options

Aetna has some very competitive ancillary products that complement their Medicare plans very well. The Aetna Hospital Indemnity plan, for example, works well with the Aetna Medicare Advantage plan. This product pays the member if they are hospitalized, and the member can use that payment to cover their hospital copays.

Another great Aetna ancillary product is their cancer, heart attack and stroke product. With this plan, if you were diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke, it will pay out a lump sum directly to the member. You are then able to use the proceeds to offset out-of-pocket cost.

Even though with an Aetna Medicare Supplement plan, most if not all of your costs are covered, there are still certain cost that sometimes aren’t covered. Certain treatments and high dollar medications sometimes are not covered by Part D or Medicare Part B, and the critical illness policy comes into play and can take care of that cost for you, since the benefit is paid directly to you and not the provider.

Let’s look at the following case study. Amy is 76 years old and has a Medicare supplement Plan N with Aetna. She also has an Aetna critical illness policy. Amy ends up being diagnosed with cancer and begins to receive treatments. Her Medicare supplement policy would cover the cost of those treatments. However, in addition to those treatments, she is put on an experimental drug that costs $963 per month.

With Amy’s critical illness policy, she receives a lump sum for $10,000. Amy then uses this lump sum of $10,000 to cover cost of the medication not covered under her Part D. This is just one example of how a critical illness policy by Aetna can be very valuable, and offset costs, potentially not covered by a Medicare Supplement, or Drug Plan.

Aetna Member Portal for Medicare Beneficiaries

Another great feature that Aetna offers is their Member Portal. Inside the Aetna Member Portal, you can review things such as your EOB (which stands for explanation of benefits), review recent bills, or even find doctors that accept Aetna plans. The Aetna Medicare login can be found here. You can also find some great health and wellness tips inside of the Aetna Member Portal. Access to the portal is provided at no cost to all who have an Aetna Medicare plan.

How to Enroll for Coverage

Medicare Supplement plans can be purchased through many health insurance providers. Rates can vary drastically between providers, so it’s best to shop around to find the best results. This is where QuoteMyMedicare can help you save a lot of money.  We assist you in every step of the process, from finding you the best rates, enrollment, and then on-going support by providing annual reviews to make sure you continue to get the best rate over the years.

All ten Medigap plans offer unique solutions to fit the needs of different families. It’s important to choose coverage carefully to avoid overpaying and ensure you receive the appropriate amount of coverage.  An Aetna Medicare Supplement plan may be a good choice.

To learn more, contact us today at 888-767-6185, or set up a call with Randy by scheduling a phone appointment. You may also run quotes using our quote software as well.

About Quote My Medicare
About Quote My Medicare

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