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Making the Medicare Supplement Insurance Process Easy

If you’re age 65 or over – or you soon will be – then it is likely that you have questions about Medicare. This could be the case, regardless of whether you are just now eligible, or if you’ve been covered for your health care needs by this program for some time.

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At QuoteMyMedicare.org, our mission is to ensure that everyone we work with knows exactly what is and isn’t covered by Medicare Part A and Part B (which is also known as Original Medicare), Medicare Part D, Medicare Supplement insurance, and / or Medicare Advantage coverage. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises when the time comes to utilize your plan.

As we get older, health care will typically become much more important – and expensive – for us. It is estimated that the average 65-year-old couple today will spend roughly $295,000 on health care related issues throughout retirement ¹ – and this figure does not include the cost of a potential long-term care need. (That could potentially add another six figures to your overall health care tab).

Yet, even with the constantly rising cost of health care services, having the right coverage can help you to better ensure that you won’t have to dig into your savings just to pay for the services that you require.

In fact, when you have a health care plan that is “custom fit” to your specific needs, you may also find that you are able to prevent certain illnesses from affecting you at all. And, better health can also equate to a much happier and a more active retirement.

In securing the right Medicare coverage, we realize that you would likely rather not spend hours on end comparing all of your available options, one by one, in order to narrow down the best plan – and the good news is that you don’t have to.

We’ve done the research for you – and in “customizing” the best Medicare plan for you, all it really entails is a quick online or telephone meeting with our team  who, based on your individual circumstances and budget, will guide you to the very best option for you.

Using the Internet to Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance Onlinemedicare supplemental health insurance quote

Most people don’t relish the idea of purchasing insurance. In fact, for many people, doing so is one of those necessary obligations that you want to take care of as quickly as possible so that you can go back to doing the things in life that you enjoy.

But knowing that you’ve secured the right coverage for your needs is important. That’s because the choices you make can oftentimes mean the difference between having most (or all) of your health care services covered, or instead paying a hefty amount out-of-pocket.

When it comes to shopping for Medicare Supplement insurance, things have become much easier over the past few years. That’s because, unlike in the past, you can now get all of the information that you need – including premium quotes from competing insurers – online.

Before the Internet, consumers would typically shop for Medicare Supplement insurance by setting up an appointment and meeting in person at a local insurance agent’s office. The other option would be for the insurance agent to visit your home. Either way, there was just ONE quote, and you either signed up for a plan or you didn’t. There really weren’t any other options.

This made it difficult to directly compare Medicare Supplement quotes from different insurance companies. It also made it tough to recall all of the information that was discussed – and with Medicare Supplemental insurance there is a lot! So, if you had any additional questions after your appointment with the insurance agent was over, you’d need to call and set up another time to chat.

But the Internet has made looking for Medicare Supplement insurance so much easier – and it’s also given more power to consumers by allowing you to view and compare numerous options for coverage, carriers, and quotes – all in one convenient place.

In fact, online Medicare Supplement insurance quotes have in many ways forced insurance companies to compete against each other. Because all Medicare Supplement insurance plans of the same corresponding letter must offer an identical set of benefits, the primary way that insurers have to differentiate themselves in this product area is through price.

So, by having immediate access to a list of insurers and their premium prices for Medicare Supplement, you can make a much more informed decision – and you can do so more quickly, too, because you won’t have to meet with numerous insurance agents in order to compile all of the information that you need.

How We Can Help You Get the Right Medicare Supplement Plan and Premium Price

There are numerous choices when it comes to securing your Medicare coverage. But, while having options is nice, too many plans to choose from can also tend to be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, having a licensed agent to guide you can be extremely beneficial.

We’ve been in the Medicare and Medicare Supplement field for more than a decade – and we can provide you with all of the information that you need for making a well-informed decision regarding your Medicare coverage, such as:medicare supplement plans comparison

  • Is Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) right for you, or would enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan be better for you?
  • Should you add a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan to your coverage?
  • Will you need a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, or is it better to forgo this type of insurance?
  • What options are offered in each of the Medicare Supplemental insurance plans?
  • Which Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans are you (and your spouse) eligible for
  • How can you make changes to your Medicare coverage?
  • What are the parameters are for qualifying for Medicare if you are under age 65
  • Which of the Medicare Supplement insurance plans are available in your local area
  • What Medicare Supplement plans offer a premium discount if you and your spouse both apply

In answering your questions, we provide you with numerous options, based on what works best for you, including a Medicare and Medicare Supplement video library, and a number of free downloadable resource guides. We are also available to chat with you via phone or online.

Medicare and Medicare Supplement Video Library

If you would like more in-depth details about a wide variety of different Medicare and Medicare Supplement related topics, please feel free to visit our Video Library, where you can learn more about:

  • The different Medicare Supplemental insurance plans – and what each of these plans covers
  • How to obtain a customized Medicare Supplement insurance quote (you can even view the agent’s computer screen in real time as they show you this premium information)
  • How to be guaranteed approval for Medicare Supplement, regardless of your health condition
  • What changes to anticipate in the Medicare program going forward
  • Which insurance carriers offer the best Medicare Supplement insurance rates
  • What out-of-pocket costs could you be responsible for, and which costs are typically covered
  • How to compare Medicare Supplement plans and determine which one is best for you, your specific needs, and your budget

You can go directly to our Video Library by clicking here.

Free Medicare Resource Guides

medicare supplemental plans explained

Want to get even more details about Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement insurance – and learn how each of these could pertain to your individual health care needs?

Just download any, or all, of the FREE Medicare resource guides from our website. You can even print these guides so that you can jot down any questions or notes that you may have as you read through them.

Simply scroll down to our Helpful Resources section, choose the guide (or guides) that you would like, and click the <Download> button.

There is a lot of great information in each of these guides.

Schedule a Time to Chat

Still have questions? Or are you ready to move forward with a Medicare Supplement plan? We’ll be happy to help. No need to leave the house to get all the answers you need. We will meet with you online.

To Schedule a Virtual Appointment with a licensed agent, simply click Schedule Virtual Appointment.

During your virtual appointment, you will be able to view our computer screen in real time, which will show you all of the top rated Medicare Supplement insurance carriers, along with their best online premium quotes.

We are licensed and appointed with many of the most well known Medicare Supplement insurance carriers, including:

  • Transamerica
  • UnitedHealthcare®
  • Aetna
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Cigna
  • GTL
  • NewEra
  • Manhattan Insurance Group
  • Many Others

So, within just a short period of time, you can quickly and easily see the premium rates that you can qualify for, based on your age and health. No need to spend time running around town to different insurance agents – or even to call numerous insurance carriers directly.

And, with our virtual appointment process, you don’t need to be a “techie” or computer whiz. There is no additional software or downloads required. In fact, if you are reading this page right now, then you have all of the tools that you need to view our computer screen in real time, and to chat with us.

Our virtual appointment services are 100% free – and there is no obligation to sign up for Medicare Supplemental coverage after you’ve spoken with us. So get your Medicare questions answered quickly, easily, and conveniently by talking directly with a licensed agent in this area.

If you don’t have access to a computer, though, or if you would just feel more comfortable discussing your needs via phone, you can set up a time to talk with us that way, too.

Contact us by phone, toll-free, at (888) 767-6185.

We understand that choosing the right Medicare Supplement insurance plan can be somewhat confusing. There are many different options to choose from – and you want to be sure that you are moving forward with the plan that is right for you, your health care needs, and your budget.

Securing your Medicare Supplement insurance plan can be fast and convenient when you work with us. We know you have other things to do – so why spend any more time than you need to enrolling in your Medicare plan.  Set up your virtual appointment now so that you can get back to spending your time doing the things you truly enjoy.

Contact us today to get the answers you need for choosing the Medicare Supplement insurance plan, carrier, and premium that works for you!


¹ https://www.fidelity.com/viewpoints/personal-finance/plan-for-rising-health-care-costs
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