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Medicare Supplements Explained On-line Workshop

Written by QuoteMyMedicare

Medicare Made Simple 2018 | Medicare Supplements Explained

During this 28 Minute Video Workshop, Randy covers the following topics:

  • What is Medigap (Medicare Supplements)?
  • What Do Medicare Supplements Cover?
  • Who Are Medicare Supplements For?
  • How Much Do Medicare Supplements Cost?
  • Where Can I Compare Medicare Supplement Companies?
  • When Do I Enroll In A Medicare Supplement?
  • How Can I Enroll In A Medicare Supplement?
  • Will Having Health Issues Cause Me To Be Declined?
  • After Enrolled, What Should I Do Each Year?
  • How and Why Should I Work With You?

About Quote My Medicare
About Quote My Medicare

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best Medicare Supplement rates.  We educate and inform so you will be equipped to make smart Medicare choices.  I hope we have the opportunity to assist you with your Medicare.

-Randy Wolfe
Founder & Owner

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